Poem – Letter From Masanjia

Suffering in the Middle Kingdom.
Human souls all are broken.
The existence of most without morals.
Warden crawled out of hell.

Granite breaks under strong pressure.
Torturer far away from the path.
The jewellery shines superficially.
The wire separates the flesh.

Just one step to the side.
Suffering in the cycle of life.
He heard it snowing.
Pain until sunset.

History changes.
Totalitarian and unwrapped the fruit .
He sneaked out of the room.
Crashing under pain and with great force.

Stefan Schwarz / 14.1.19


Some films are so expressive that it is very difficult not to let the language run free. These lyrical lines were written after watching the movie: Letter From Masanjia. The subject of China and human rights in China has been a matter close to my heart for a long time. The film is very worth seeing and clearly shows us the truth. Link to the film: https://www.letterfrommasanjia.com/

P.S.: There are movies that change you and after you’ve watched them, you’re not who you were.